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Wellmer used to work in a cigarette manufacturing company as a machine operator for 15 years. After the implementation of the Sin Tax Bill, sales of their company got down, causing cut of work hours and decreased salary of employees.

So he decided to work as a part-time tricycle driver in Montalban. Due to dirt on roads and unclean air, he was infected with a severe case of chickenpox (varicella) in May 2014. Wounds with pus spread all over his body. He couldn’t swallow food as his oesophagus was affected as well. He thought he’d die.

After three weeks in the hospital, he recovered. But scars were still evident on his face and body. His face turned red and oily. He undergone dermatological treatments but it only got worse until he used Royale products: Kojic Papaya Soap, L-Gluta POWER Lightening Cream, L- GlutaPOWER Line Corrector Cream, L- Gluta POWER 462, Royale-C and Grapeseed. 

In two months, his face became clear and vibrant. He now has better complexion.
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