Royale Beauty Soaps

Achieve true Royale beauty that really last through these Royale soaps! Choose the one that fits your skin and skin needs perfectly!

You can use L-GlutaPower Facial (Anti-Aging) Soap to reduce your fine lines, fight the signs of ageing and maintain that youthful and healthy glow, giving you that forever young vibe!

Or L-Gluta Power (Whitening) Soap with Glutathione and Vitamin E to maintain your skin’s natural and shiny glow. Reduce dark spots, remove freckles, pimple marks and age spots. Plus have your skin whitened, revived and nourished! Look seemlessly radiant and fresh!

You may also try our Royale #Kojic Papaya Soap especially if you’re looking for a powerful combination of active lightening ingredients. Fight pimples and lighten ypur overall skintone with its help!

Choose the best that matches your needs! Choose Royale — your best beauty partner!

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