Acne survivor from the Philippines


Hi! Im an Acne survivor from the Philippines. It was the beginning of summer this year, when I started to have mild acne. They started as 3-4 bumps on my forehead. As i wanted to see my face clear then, I changed my soap from dove to a carrot soap (kills acne fast). They just dried up fast but made my face really dry and the few small bumps gradually increases. After a week, because acne persevered, I changed my soap from carrot soap to kojie san (whitening soap and anti-acne but very harsh), that is when I started to feel burning sensation in this region of my face. And I was back again to dove. All burning/stinging and itch subsided. But acne was relentlessly colonizing areas of my face. I decided to see my wonderful dermatologist and I went on Differin 0.1% and Benzac(Benzoyl Peroxide) 5% with Cetaphil cleanser and Doxycycline oral for 14 days with her directions. On my fourth week, it made my acne severe. I stopped it. I had enough with all the side effects like dryness, itch, STINGS like shit and burning. I went through major depression because I’ve been socially withdrawn. There’s no guarantee that i will get cleared up if i continued it up to 3 months. My dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin but i know it will irritate so i did not follow her prescriptions because of what she did to my face. But rather, tried something on my own. You know what, i started using Kojic Papaya soap, a product from Royale Business club here in Philippines which is my cleanser morning and night. And in 2 weeks time, all my pimples dried up like crazy and i see no new growths. I swear! I was overwhelmed with the soap because it’s very cheap. It cleared up my acne and it lightens my dark spots/acne scars. Im now pimple free and blemish free. Truly amazing! Kojic papaya soap, a product of Royale is just a holy grail after i failed so many tries. I know it might be new to you but it’s worth a try.

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